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Waseda University

In Japan, universities are divided into three categories by founder: national universities originally established by the Japanese government (currently established by the national university corporations), public universities established by local public entities or public university corporations, and private universities established by educational corporations.  

Private universities have accounted for about 80% of all universities and have had about 80% of all university students on their registers. In 2012 there have been 783 universities in Japan, comprising 86 national universities, 92 public and 605 private universities.  

In the latest Academic Ranking of World Universities from the Shanghai Jiao Tong University, the University of Tokyo is rated the best Asian university in 20th position. Kyoto University is put in 24th place, followed by Osaka University (75th position), Nagoya University (79th position) and Tohoku University (84th position). The evaluation criteria that is used include how often a researcher is cited. Research output is assessed based on the number of articles published in Nature & Science and Web of Science. Also relevant is the size of a particular university, which is used to show its academic performance in relative terms.  




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