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The following "Research in Germany" RSS Feed contains the latest press releases from more than 70 German R & D institutions:

Research News

  • Shedding light on the cosmic web

    Astronomers believe that matter in intergalactic space is distributed in a vast network of interconnected filamentary structures known as the cosmic web.

  • A close look into the barley genome

    An international consortium, with the participation of the Helmholtz Zentrum München, Plant Genome and Systems Biology Department (PGSB), has published methodologically significant data on the barley genome.

  • DNA from extinct humans discovered in cave sediments

    While there are numerous prehistoric sites in Europe and Asia that contain tools and other human-made artefacts, skeletal remains of ancient humans are scarce.

Kooperation International

Are you looking for programmes for international bi- and multilateral co-operation in research and education? ''Kooperation International" delivers information und contacts for your co-operation plan with Germany.