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Bernard Chenevier

Bernard Chenevier, is Director of Research of CNRS in Paris, and Director of a Research Unit LMGP in Grenoble, France. His specialty is structural physics and materials sciences. Since 2014, he has been detached as Senior University Research Administrator at Okayama University and aimed to develop and improve globalization of the university and student mobility.



Krisztina Rosner

Krisztina Rosner teaches comparative cultural studies and performing arts at the School of Global Japanese Studies, Meiji University. She is also an associate professor of theatre studies at the University of Pecs, Hungary. Her research field is contemporary performing arts. In 2014, she was a Japan Foundation Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Hosei University (Tokyo). Between 2015 and 2017, she was a Visiting Scholar at Waseda University Graduate School of Letters, Arts and Sciences (Tokyo), as a Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Postdoctoral Fellow.



Matsuo Kawabata

Matsuo Kawabata is Senior Manager at Mori Building Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan. to promote cooperation with foreign Chamber of Commerce until March 2018 and is involved in promoting inbound and innovation of each country to Japan. After graduating from Department of Political Science in Keio University Law School in 1982, he conducted global research on advanced technology markets such as communications, semiconductors and recording media, survey on consumer market and value trends at the market research consulting company ODS. He also was involved in product development with well-known industrial designers such as Porsche Design and Luigi Colani. Afterwards, in Sanyo Securities M & A department, he was in charge of 10 billion yen business tie-up, US-Japan venture capital investment, New York private equity fund investment, establishment and operation of structured bond investment company in the Netherlands, president of Singapore local subsidiary. At the Mori Building, he was working on cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of each country, involved in discovering growing companies, supporting and promoting venture investor communities and ecosystem construction, and the Agritech Summit 2017 hosted by the Nikkei Newspaper, Holland of the Dutch Embassy Innovation Network-Tokyo 2016 and others.

Yoshiaki Maeda

Yoshiaki Maeda is a Professor at Tohoku University and vice director of the Tohoku Forum for Creativity. He obtained a PhD. in Science in 1985 at Tsukuba University. His specialty is mathematics, especially differential geometry and Mathematical physics. He is an Honorary Professor at University of Warwick and an Emeritus Professor of Keio University, where he used to work as a Professor before. Since 2014, he is vice director of the Tohoku Forum for Creativity and organizes forums as an opportunity to students and researchers at Tohoku University to discuss solution of social problems, inviting researchers from Japan and abroad. Tohoku Forum for Creativity has organized Falling Walls Lab Tohoku since 2014.

Yuko Fujigaki

Yuko Fujigaki is a Professor at Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Tokyo. Her major is Science and Technology Studies (STS) and Scientometrics. She was Club-member of Science Council of Japan (2011-2016), in an Advisory Board on Science, Technology and Research in Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (2012-2014), She was President of Japanese Society of Science and Technology Studies (JSSTS) (2013-2016). Now, she is Advisory Board Member, Committee of Frontier of Science, an Editorial Advisor of Social Studies of Science (SSS) and Science and Public Policy, and Editorial Board of East Asian Science, Technology and Society: An International Journal (EASTS).



Yukou Mochida

Dr. Yukou Mochida is Senior Advisor, State of Bavaria-Japan Office. He obtained B.S. and Ph.D. degrees in EE from University of Tokyo in 1964 and 1988, respectively. He stayed in Technische Universität München from 1965 to 1966 as a DAAD young researcher. He worked for Fujitsu Laboratories for 40 years and was Senior Vice President and Member of the Board until 2004. He developed managed various digital communication systems, also various digital signal processing and synchronous digital network systems. He worked as CTO, Vice President and Advisor of France Telecom Japan until January 2013. He is now Senior Advisor of State of Bavaria-Japan Office in Tokyo. He is a Fellow member of IEEE and IEICE and a Member of Engineering Academy of Japan. He is also a Member of Münchner Kreis.



Yoshifumi Nishida

Yoshifumi Nishida is a Team Leader of Living Intelligence Research Team at the Artificial Intelligence Research Center (AIRC) of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) in Japan. He received a PhD from the Graduate School of Mechanical Engineering, the University of Tokyo in 1998. His research interests include human behavior sensing, human behavior modeling, injury prevention engineering, and social participation support. He received the best paper awards from the Robotics Society of Japan, the Japan Ergonomics Society, and the Information Processing Society of Japan.

Science communication workshop

Caitlin Davor

Caitline E. Davor is Project Senior Specialist at Division for Strategic Public Relations of the University of Tokyo.

She is a science communicator originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA and a former member of Australia’s Science Circus where she regularly held fire in her hands, safely with science. She studied biology at Allegheny College and earned a M.S. in Science Communication from Australian National University. She is currently based at the University of Tokyo and writes to excite non-expert audiences about the daily-life relevance of new scientific accomplishments.

She organizes a science communication workshop at Falling Walls Lab Tokyo 2018.