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JDZB Symposium “How to Advance Digitization to Achieve Society 5.0”

“Society 5.0”, meaning the realization of an ultra-smart society, is becoming Japan’s central growth strategy. This strategy is central to overcome the deflation, and to revitalize economy, which ensures an affluent and vital economy and society.

In Germany, for the advancement of productivity and strengthening of competitiveness, public and private sectors are recommending the strategical state project “Industry 4.0”, which promotes the digitalization of production industries.

Business leaders have to transform the culture and structure of their companies to adapt to and take advantage of the new opportunities that the digital transformation is bringing about. Governments also have to adapt. New policies in education, research and development and infrastructure need to be implemented to put companies in a position to succeed. The data economy requires new regulatory approaches and special attention to data security.

Date: 2018/04/24 Afternoon 14:00 - 17:00 
Venue: Keidanren Kaikan, 4F, Diamond Room, Tokyo
Organizer: Japanisch-Deutsches Zentrum Berlin (JDZB)
Deadline registration: April 17 (Tue), register here