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Unprecedented joint German-Japanese project for energy transition, the German-Japanese Energy Transition Council (GJETC) holds its first meeting

  • 2016/11/04

On 28th September 2016 the German-Japanese Energy Transition Council (GJETC) held its first meeting in Tokyo spanning two days. The GJETC complements a cooperation of the two nations on a political level through independent and scientific analyses. The aim is to find new, safer and more efficient ways to implement the energy transition.

Despite differences between Germany and Japan concerning their energy policy as well as their method of energy supply, they nevertheless face similar challenges in the development of their energy industries. In order to meet these challenges, the GJETC was formed in 2016. The expert panel focuses on scientific stock and transformation analyses for both countries on systems, technologies and policies of the energy transition. As such it provides an important stimulus for politics and the economy.

Five core topics were discussed during the meeting in Tokyo. First, the energy transition is seen as the basis for a future industrial policy, including energy and resource efficiency. Second, the strategic goals and framework conditions of the energy transition, with regard to socio-cultural aspects are going to be dealt with. The third topic emphasizes the structuring of the energy market and sustainable electricity market design. In addition to that, the reallocation of roles and business segments between existing and new players in the energy system represent a further important core topic. Last but not least the focus of the fifth topic is the technical system developments and new technologies on the path to the energy transition.

The council will convene biannually. The next meetings will be held in Berlin on 23rd/24th January 2017 and in Tokyo on 4th/5th September 2017. 

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