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Partnership Agreement with Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology signed

  • 2016/03/18

Foto: Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

The TUAT is a governmental university specializing in the field of agriculture and technology which is recognized with its internationally oriented research and education of young scientists (no. 7 of the universities in Japan and within the 100 best agricultural universities in the world). Six Professors of TUAT visited ZALF and exchanged research approaches and opportunities for cooperation with ZALF staff members. Actual cooperation projects such as the exchange of scientists and students are planned for the next few years.

Prof. Dr. I. Ogiwara, Dean of the Graduate School of Agriculture, and Prof. Dr. F. Ewert, Scientific Director of ZALF, signed the partnership agreement.

Prof. Ewert expressed that he sees an added value in this cooperation for both institutions and an important support of the international activities of ZALF.

ZALF combines six institutes at its campus in Müncheberg and addresses socially relevant questions related to the use of agricultural landscapes. Issues such as food security, soil as a natural resource or biodiversity are interdisciplinarily investigated. The research questions comprise three core topic areas starting from the processes in agricultural landscapes through the effect of different land uses to the resulting use conflicts and their governance. Based on the results ZALF develops solutions for the sustainable intensification of land use under changing conditions such as climate change.

Source: Leibniz-Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research


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