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Japan introduces robotics strategy

  • 2015/06/16

The Japanese government has introduced a 5-year strategy for the development and promotion of robotics technology. An advisory body and an industrial initiative following German concepts have already been established as part of this strategy.

The Japanese government released the strategy paper "Japan's Robot Strategy - Vision, Strategy, Action Plan" for the promotion of further development and research of advanced robot technologies for the coming five years in the beginning of this year. The goal of this strategy is to introduce robots suitable for work in the areas of industrial production, agriculture, logistics, construction and nursing care. Japan aims to take a leading role in the field of robotics.

To accomplish this, the "Robot Revolution Initiative Council" was created in Tokyo on May 15th. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe held a speech on this occasion, where he reasserted these aims and explicitly referred to cooperation with Germany as a means to achieve these ends.

Germany is viewed as a role model for the Japanese strategy. For example, delegates of the Japanese economy and science recently established a consortium called the "Industrial Value Chain Initiative" closely following the German concept of "Industry 4.0". The German company Beckhoff is also part of this new consortium. Furthermore, a recent journal of the Japanese Ministry for Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) for innovation in production processes has also prominently featured the concept.

Press release of the METI

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