Content - Symposium on Ageing and Neurodegeneration

German-Japanese Symposium on Ageing and Neurodegeneration

The growing proportion of ageing individuals in our modern societies is affected by late onset diseases including neurodegenerative disorders. The increase in age-related diseases will soon have profound social implications and raises not only medical and economic questions, but also touches upon ethical matters.

On December 12th 2011 the "German-Japanese Symposium on Ageing and Neurodegeneration" brought together cutting edge scientific expertise from Germany and Japan to address these questions and created a forum for a high-level scientific exchange. It was organized by the German Research and Innovation Forum Tokyo (DWIH Tokyo) and the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE).


Conference Proceedings "German-Japanese Symposium on Aging and Neurodegeneration"

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