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Booths at fairs and exhibitions in 2012

In 2012 the DWIH Tokyo was present at the "Innovation Japan 2012" in Tokyo and at the "Renewable Energy 2012 Exhibition" in Chiba.

Innovation Japan 2012
September 27. - 28., 2012, Tokyo

At the "Innovation Japan 2012", the DWIH Tokyo, presented the Geman Innovation Award to exhibitors as well as visitors and promoted its services and partners.

Renewable Energy 2011 Exhibition
December 5. - 7., 2012, Chiba

At the "Renewable Energy 2012 Exhibition", the DWIH Tokyo informed about the energy research, which is currently taking place in Germany. For this purpose, materials about research fields, locations and institutions were provided.

Dr.-Ing. Marc Linder from the Institute of Technical Thermodynamics at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) presented the activities of his institute at the booth and held a presentation at the Japan Council for Renewable Energy Forum, which took place simultaneously.



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