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Joint PhD Programme Tohoku - Heidelberg

  • 2014/12/15


The Joint PhD degree programme at Heidelberg University, Germany, and Tohoku University, Japan, is a three-year doctoral programme offering international access to an interdisciplinary research environment. Students participating in the Joint PhD programme spend the first and third year at their home institution, the Excellence Cluster “Asia and Europe in a Global Context” at Heidelberg University, and their second year as regular doctoral candidates at Tohoku University, Japan. Upon successful completion of their third year of studies, students will be conferred a PhD degree by both universities on the basis of their doctoral thesis, usually written in English, and a joint oral examination.

Heidelberg University and Tohoku University can supervise a broad range of research areas in the social sciences and the humanities; they welcome applications from prospective students with research interests in fields related to History, Politics, Society, Law, and Economics of Japan and East Asia.

As part of the Joint PhD programme, the universities of Tohoku and Heidelberg award scholarships, currently to the value of about 160.000 Yen per month, offered to top students with high-quality and clearly defined PhD projects. The scholarship scheme primarily covers the one-year stay in the second year of the PhD in the Cross-National Doctoral Course (CNDC) program, the former Global Center of Excellence, at the Graduate School of Law in Sendai. No tuition needs to be paid during the entire period of doctoral study.

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