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Science Tour 2012: Understanding Biodiversity and Climate Change

  • 2012/09/15


The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) invites scientists and administrators from universities and research institutions to participate in a tour with focus on interdisciplinary research in biodiversity and climate change in Germany. The dates are 25 November to 1 December, 2012. The call addresses foreign researchers and administrators who are attempting to initiate close cooperation with German colleagues, either in their specific research area or at an institutional level.

Understanding biodiversity and climate change is an enormous task for the scientific community. Mastering this challenge might be decisive for the future well-being of mankind. International and interdisciplinary cooperation is an essential precondition for successful work in this area. Germany has made considerable endeavours in fostering new research approaches. Outstanding examples will be presented to the participants of the tour.

The tour will provide an overview of cutting-edge research at German universities and non university research institutions, as well as graduate education at the interface of various disciplines. Comprehensive information on funding opportunities for cooperation in education and research will also be provided.
Applications can be send in until September 15th.


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