Content - Workshops

Workshop 1

"Fostering the Development of New Technologies through Cluster Collaborations"

For several years the Japanese photonics region Hamamatsu and the Photonics network Thuringia OptoNet e.V. have maintained a strong relation. Several joint events and projects led to innovation in technology and are continuously improving cooperation. At the same time the New-Generation Power Electronics & System Research Consortium in Japan (NPERC-J) and the European Center for Power Electronics (ECPE) e.V. in Nuremberg have further intensified scientific and technological exchange. Both cluster collaborations will present results of their combined efforts and will discuss opportunities and challenges that guided the process in becoming strong partners.



Workshop 2

"New Potentials for Innovations through Cluster Collaborations: The Case of Health Style"

Live Workshop

Today it almost sounds like a no-brainer: In every dimension conceivable it makes much more sense to keep people healthy than to cure their sicknesses. It saves on insurance money, it increases quality of life and work, and it is a highly promising economic field. This is all the more true for countries with a quickly aging population – like Japan and Germany. Nevertheless, in political and economic practice health style solutions are still treated as a step-child. Medical technologies are advanced, innovative movement opportunities in everyday life, for everyday people, are hardly supported. In this live workshop we will pave the way to change this situation. With highly competent participants from diverse backgrounds we will be discussing what the particularities of movement in everyday life are for Japanese and Germans, what sort of innovative developments could be launched, and what industries may be addressed and how. The workshop will conclude with specific recommendations for cooperative action between Japanese and German innovation protagonists. Being a live workshop means that the discussion is not built on presentations. Rather, the discussion will follow the logic of systematic innovation; the participants will be producing their suggestions and ideas live on stage.



Workshop 3

"Practical Education and Advanced Training in Cluster Collaboration"

Practical international education of students (under graduate and post graduate) in the field of science and engineering, together with other areas, at universities has received considerable interest. In addition, advanced training of engineers in SMEs is very important for developing business and manufacturing system toward Industrie 4.0 and Society 5.0. In the workshop 3, firstly, feature of cluster, its field, type of collaboration, and financial support etc. are introduced. Then, specific practical education and advance training through cluster-cluster collaboration is explained. Active information exchange to promote practical education and advanced training toward future business success is expected.