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Symposium on Industry 4.0:
Powering Smart Manufacturing - the TU9 Alliance of German Institutes of Technology

Join the Discussion with the German Experts on Industry 4.0!

Industry 4.0 is synonymous with the next stage of digitization of the manufacturing sector. The fusion of ICT and manufacturing technologies has the potential to transform entire systems of production. Real-time optimized and self-organized supply chain networks across corporate boundaries will lead to long-term gains in efficiency and productivity and eventually open new markets.

Industry 4.0 offers multiple approaches to realize potentials related to the transition of computer-integrated-manufacturing to “smart manufacturing”. Based on the criteria functionality, efficiency, functional safety, and cyber security, Industry 4.0 seeks to identify and link relevant technologies for “smart factories”.

The TU9 Alliance of nine leading German Institutes of Technology is an important part in the implementation of Industry 4.0. The member universities stand for excellent research and teaching in engineering and the natural sciences. Closely collaborating with leading large and medium-sized enterprises in research, technical education, and advanced training, the universities of the TU9 alliance are continuously generating new knowledge on integrated manufacturing technologies.

The joint Symposium of the German Research and Innovation Forum Tokyo and the TU9 Alliance of German Institutes of Technology focusses on the progress leading German universities have made in the implementing of Industry 4.0 and provides a platform for German and Japanese experts to meet and exchange views on cutting-edge technology as well as the current state of education and R&D in the field of “smart manufacturing”.

To further strengthen the German-Japanese cooperation in the field of Industry 4.0, we want to discuss the following topics:
- Industry 4.0 at technical universities in Germany
- Product innovation, product-based services, and optimization of manufacturing processes
- Identifying and linking relevant technologies


Wednesday, 26 October 2016


Bellesalle Kudan, Tokyo
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