Inhalt - German–Japanese Workshop on the Commercial Use of Nanocarbons

German–Japanese Workshop on the Commercial Use of Nanocarbons

Nanocarbons for Energy, Environment, Lightweight construction, Mobility and Electronics - Technology and Applications


Nanocarbons such as Graphene, SWCNT, MWCNT, fullerenes, nanohorns have been an object of intensive scientific and technical investigations in the recent past. Based on exciting and promising scientific results they have achieved enormous attention and attraction within the research and technical community.

However, the technology transfer from the laboratory to industrial scale production of NC took a long time, in fact NC of different types are just available since a few years on a commercial scale and quality with competitive prices and suitable properties. But despite of diverse highly promising technical opportunities and their potential availability, the commercial use of NC based materials and their applications are currently not in that development stage as expected some years ago. Challenges in the technology and application development as well as the complexity along the value chain can be identified as important aspects for the lack of a wide commercial breakthrough.

Within this Workshop we would like to address commercialization issues of Nanocarbons regarding their technical challenges, such as safe and reliable manufacturing, modification and dispersion into matrices on large scales especially along the value chains for energy, environment, lightweight construction, mobility and electronics. Besides of technology, applications and safety we also would like to cover best practice aspects for the collaboration among Japanese and German organizations on different stages of specific value chains.

The aim is to further support and enhance the collaboration among Japanese and German companies and application related research organizations within the general frame of the Nanotech 2013 in Tokyo.

Date/TimeTuesday, January 29, 2013
10:00 - 17:00 

Hotel New Otani Tokyo
The Main, Arcade Floor (Yu Room)

OrganizerBayer MaterialScience
German Research and Innovation Forum Tokyo (DWIH Tokyo)
nano tech executive committee 
Co-operationGermany Trade and Invest
SupportGerman Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan
Nanotechnology Business Creation Initiative 

As we have already reached our capacity, registration has been closed.
*Capacity 150 people
*Admission is free of charge
*Simultaneous translation into Japanese and English will be provide

As we have already reached our capacity, registration has been closed.